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If you do business with Payoneer, consider any money that goes into the account a tuition payment, because you will soon be schooled on how to get fleeced.

You can call them, email them, chat them, it will all end the same. Customer service person will be rude and act annoyed with you from the start, no matter how polite you are. You will hear all sorts of key phrases explaining that the reason there is a "delay" in getting your money is because they are a "regulated company". Ask them who regulates them. "We can't tell you that, for security reasons."

Everything is "for security reasons." They will ask you for documents, you send the documents, wait and wait and wait, then then suddenly your account is blocked. Why? "For security reasons." We can't give you that information, sir. All I can tell you is that you need to wait and the investigation team will contact you when they have finished the investigation. But it's been 2 months already. "I understand your frustration sir, but we have to complete the investigation before we can release the funds, you just need to wait." How much longer should I wait? "I can't tell you for certain sir, but they will contact you when they have finished the investigation." May I speak to the investigator? "No, sir. The investigators do not talk to anyone." How do they do an investigation without talking to anyone? "I can't tell you that sir, all I can tell you is that you need to wait."

By being based in several different countries, they seem to avoid any one country taking ownership of them for regulatory purposes, and they portray this as though it is a security benefit to you. If you ever get your money out, you will be one of the lucky ones.

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Payoneer Verified Representative

Hello First, we would like to sincerely apologize for the experience you have had with our support. Concerning your question, we are a US regulated company and we comply with all the AML, OFAC, and KYC regulations.

We comply with the requirement of the bank Secrecy and are certified at a Payment card industry Level Data Security Standard. Due to the regulations, we have to comply to, it is always important to provide the information as soon as they are requested and off course, the correct one in order to avoid any delay. Keep in mind that if your line of business does not comply with our terms and conditions, then the payment will be cancelled.

The delay usually occurs when the documents provided are insufficient and so, we have to re-request them, which delays the review and loading time. If you wish to, we can verify your information in order to resolve that issue and for that, we need you to provide us with your email address or with your customer ID Again, we apologize for the inconvenience Sincerely, The Payoneer Team

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