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I received transfer via their Global Payment Service. Even though I received transfers from the same address numerous times before, this time they froze the assets and demanded additional information from me:

- personal website

- contract

- email correspondence.

I don't have personal website, nor I think I should sign a contract when working on small freelance jobs. My clients are citizens of foreign countries and I don't have the legal skills to pursue dispute resolution in different countries. As such, a contract would not offer any additional security.

I informed them immediately that I don't have contract and personal website and I submitted the email correspondence. After one month, numerous chats and one email, they informed me that the transfer was canceled and the money will be sent back to the sender.

It was never suggested that in order to use their Global Payment Service, I must have contract and personal website.

Essentially, when you are dealing with Payoneer, you don't know what you are dealing with.

You don't know the rules and they come up with new demands ONLY after you receive funds.

They may let transfer of 100-200USD go through, but when sum of 800USD arrives for your account, they'll freeze the assets and demand additional information you were not aware was needed in the first place.

When dealing with Payoneer you are subject to nasty games they are playing with their customers:

- You essentially don't know what you are dealing with

- They don't publish what is needed to receive transfers and come up with new demands only after funds arrive

- Slow and ineffective review process

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: N/A.

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Payoneer Verified Representative

Hello, my name is Cristale and i am a part of the Payoneer community team. I would like to apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.

I understand that it can be a little confusing to correctly fill in the information, however, please note that it is mandatory. The verification process is a way to verify the sources of the payments you receive to your account, because we need to verify that the funds arrive from a line of business that complies with our terms and conditions. I also understand that it may be complicated to provide a website if you do not have one, however, you should know that you can always contact the support center for any question you may have about any details and our representative will assist and provide you with the explanation needed. If you do not have a website, there is an alternative to that too.

The review and loading time is structured according to the method of payment used for the transfer. It is always important to provide the information as soon as they are requested and off course, the correct one in order to avoid any delay. Keep in mind that if your line of business does not comply with our terms and conditions, then the payment will be cancelled. If the payment is sent via credit card and we do not receive the correct information on time, it is automatically released from our system after 7 business days because we are not allowed to keep it in the system for more than that.

Our terms and conditions can be viewed from the bottom of your Payoneer account.

We would like you to know that we apologize for the inconvenience caused and are sorry to hear about your experience. If you need any help, you can always contact us directly through the different contact options we offer such as chat, email, by phone and via our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter) by sending a private message.

to Payoneer #1593188

"If you do not have a website, there is an alternative to that too." In this case, there was no alternative. I informed Payoneer that I don't have website, nor written contract.

Representative got in touch with me, told me that my information was "vague" because I don't have written contract and personal website and cancelled the transfer.

I sent email correspondence which showed that my line of freelance work was completely compatible with Payoneer, which is 3d design. The vicious aspect in this story is that it was never mentioned that I cannot use Payonner for freelance work without written contract or if I don't have personal website.

to ScratchyBeardedDragon152 #1593445

I suggest you send us a direct message and we'll take a look at this matter.

to Anonymous #1600058

There is no reason now to send Payoneer direct message. The transfer was cancelled and the funds were returned.

The whole ordeal took 45 days to clear. - 30 days review of information -10 business days for funds to return to the original sender. I am not a millionaire, so this long waiting time obviously had negative impact on me. To anyone reading this, THINK TWICE before using Payoneer: - they may and will come up with new demands suddenly and without prior notice - you will be subject to very long vetting, for criteria you did not know even existed - in Europe they are regulated in Gibraltar.

One can only wonder why they avoided the London-based FCA, which regulates multi-billion dollar financial industry in the UK and opted for a provincial no-name.

For me this is big alarm. Payoneer can be partner from *** - I would have NEVER used them, had my client not suggested it.

to ScratchyBeardedDragon152 #1593616

Even in the case if you had your website, few weeks later they will ask you to send a link on that page on which you need to have information that is webpage owned by you or to put on it your data, and I suppose that is just to start new period of reviewing new link with some special reviewing forces, so I agree with you that is just playing with customers.

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