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Dear everyone, who is doing business around the world using paypal, using 99designs, or other busines, witch is including online banking.

I want to inform you about the company payoneer.com witch is issuing MasterCard debit cards, and offering people to use it worldwide.

But as actual situation stands, underneath this "respectable" company is online scams.

As i am the one of the many who is in this situation i want to warn everyone about them. At the beginning iv'e registered at this company, so i would be able do my online business in ebay.com and aliexpress.com . As i was recieving 30-35$ per some time, i was sending them to payoneer debit card, and there was no problems at all. At one point i recieved refund 300 $ from aliexpress.com for purchase that i made. And i figured that i won't buy anything, but better off will send it to my card, to buy some tools for my business. Iv'e send the money to payoneer card using paypal as usual for the last 6 months. And here it STARTED, as soon they recieved the money, they put it on PENDING APPROVAL (WTF? My money and they need to approve something? REALLY?) Then, i was writing them, calling them and asking, what is going on, and what is the problem? They pointed my nose in to terms and conditions, and not explaining anything at all. 3 days later when i asked again, what is going on, they did not answer any thing and 3 seconds later i recieved that my transfer is canceled and the money will be send back to sender. LOL. OK. But the money never got back to sender. So iv'e searched internet and found the people who have lost 1400$, another 600$, another 460$. So it appears that this is a system that this company is stealing money. And the person who is waiting for 1400$ havent recieved it for 6 months.


At the moment there is case opened with MasterCard.Inc, and there is paperwork done, to go to court, and to NyPD, as i am not from U.S. I have turned to embasy of US. And there will be check on this situation with U.S. Internal Affairs. If there is any other people, who have this kind of situation, please contact me. And we will put this scam to an end.

Thank you

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Buenos Aires, Capital District, Venezuela #1265134

Sounds very irregular from Payoneer...

can you please update on how the case is now?

Taishan, Tai-Wan, Taiwan, Province Of China #1206707

Payoneer is the worst service I’ve ever used.

I can't receive money, I can't withdraw money, I can't send money, I can't issue a prepaid card. Now they locked my account and my money is stuck!


Santiago, Santiago, Dominican Republic #1196000

Hello I do have a Payoneer account just now and one of my customer paid me...

Payment was done 8 days ago and money is still on hold...

customer told me that his bank paid already to Payoneer and Payoneer

just sent me an email that says.

Dear Juan Garcia,

A payment sent to you is currently on hold. Payment ID 29125321 Sent By FREETOBELLADONNA@YAHOO.COM Amount 1000.00 We have asked the payer to verify their identity by providing further documentation.

In the event that the payer does not provide documentation within 7 business days, the payment will be rejected. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you,The Payoneer Team WHAT IS THAT ? WHAT COMPANY ASK FOR ID, PASSPORT, DRIVER LICENCE ?



You should report payoneer at https://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx


Thank you for warning everyone about this company.


Yes payoneer is scam they charge me annual fee two time in month..


Payoneer steals money big scamuu

Piatra Neamt, Neamt, Romania #972957


Arad, Arad, Romania #966148




Similar Situation with me. Payoneer Scammed me For $2500 USD.

They told me that they have sent $2500 to my bank account but i never got it in my account.

I wrote them many times. Called them, Did many Live Chats but all they say is wait, we are looking into this matter.

Beaware to use payoneer as they do such practice to hold customers payment for 1-6 months and invest it somewhere else for more profits leaving the customer for an endless wait.

Islamabad, Islamabad, Pakistan #906341

Hi I tried to withdraw my paypal amount and to link my paypal with my payoneer card, but it failed, then i googled it and came to this article stating that paypal no longer supports payoneer ?. Is it true ?

Its really a turning point for bloggers now. http://techleaks.us/paypal-no-longer-supports-payoneer-now/

Kingston, Kingston, Jamaica #835317

I was scammed and told i owe then 203 dollars after i paid a bill using my payoneer card, this card had a balance of 98 dollars, i paid 69.66 to the billing company i owed then withdraw the remaining 20 dollars. Now payonner claims 4 payments went to this billing company which amounted up to me owing 203 dollars!

How the *** is this possible?? i had only 98 dollars on my card!

And it is not a *** credit card is it?? Now the claim they dont see the payment i sent to my account of 421 dollars on june 30th , and claim when they do get it they will withdraw the amount they claim i owe them!

Payoneer Verified Representative

Hi Lauris,

My name is Nissim, I'm Head of Community at Payoneer.

I'm sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with your experience with Payoneer.

I have checked your Payoneer account and while I cannot comment on the specific here in an open forum, I can say that a customer support supervisor has sent you an e-mail with additional information.

Please note that all payments on or pending on your account will be made available to you, either by returning them to sender or by sending them manually to you (via bank transfer or the Payoneer card).

As mentioned in the Terms and Conditions for the US Payment Service, we are unfortunately not able to support specific uses of the service, however in the event that we disable an account all funds are made available to the account holder.

I understand you are upset and I apologize for the inconvenience caused by us no longer being able to provide you with this service. If you have any specific questions related to your account, please don't hesitate to contact me directly at any time: nissimal@payoneer.com

to Payoneer #785873

Yes yes... Nissim...

And dear folks, this is what i have been hearing all the time.

The funds will be returned.

All will be done. We are sorry and other bla bla bla...

And yes i have recieved an e-mail.... and look what was in there! :)

Dear Lauris,

Thank you for your feedback.

After careful consideration, Payoneer has chosen to no longer provide the US Payment Service for your card ending in 2528. While we appreciate your frustration related to our company's recent decision not to support the service for you, and the subsequent inconvenience it caused you, according to the US Payment Service's Terms and Conditions you are supposed to receive funds only for business related activities approved by us. In accordance with the electronic agreement you agreed to upon the service application, it is within our company's authority to reevaluate, change, or cancel an existing arrangement we have with account holders. Lauris please do not view this situation as a personal attack against you by Payoneer.

If you believe there was an error, please send us a detailed e-mail with all relevant information in order to bring it to our attention. In addition, this is to confirm that PMT 9342594, $300, has been declined and you should see the full amount refund on your PayPal account shortly. We hope you understand our position in this matter, and we will do everything we can to ensure we provide you with only the best financial and customer support services.

Best regards, Dan Payoneer Customer Support Supervisor SO AGAIN I AM SAYING ... PLEASE BE CAREFULL AND DO NOT WORK WITH THEM

to lauris.b22 #785881
Payoneer Verified Representative

I understand you are upset, however as a fully regulated US company and Money Service Business we strictly adhere to many online payment regulations.

In regards to the US Payment Service, there are some uses that we do not support, which are listed in our Terms and Conditions at https://pubs.payoneer.com/files/tc/TermsPayoneerUSPaymentService.pdf

Of course if we were able to support this type of use we would, as it is in our interest to have as many account holders as possible, but it is simply something we cannot support.

We will make sure that all pending funds are returned to you, and will continue to provide you with payment related support until that is done. If for some reason the returned payments do not arrive back to the sender, please let us know asap so that we can have our payment department investigate the issue (though keep in mind that it is rare for a returned payment not to arrive).

Also note that US bank transfers take 1-7 business days to process, and so it can take that amount of time for the funds to return to sender.

As always, if you have any questions please let me know.

to Payoneer #810385

hello everyone,

me also i can not log to my account i can not believe it ,i try several time and the page told me that if i forget my password, when i try to put my username to retrieve my password i can not because my username is not correct what can i do.

if someone has a solution write me plz thanks :ouladje@gmail.com

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